5 Reasons Every Diver Should Be Trained In Stress And Rescue

5 Reasons every diver should be trained in Stress and Rescue.

  1. Murphy (of ‘Murphy’s law’ fame) is alive and well and an avid scuba diver. The reality of diving is that no matter how thorough your pre-dive checks are, you can’t plan for every little thing that may go wrong. Knowing how to respond to a potential emergency situation can be the difference between having a good story to tell and becoming a cautionary tale.

  1. No matter how laid back you are, everyone gets stressed at some point. Stress in diving can lead to task loading, loss of skills, and eventual panic. Knowing how to recognise and react to stress in yourself and others is critical to keeping safe and maximising your enjoyment underwater.
  1. You never know about the ‘other guy’ (or girl). Part of diving is occasionally getting buddied up with a stranger, who may or may not be a good dive buddy. Whilst this is not an endorsement for solo diving, Stress and Rescue training helps to make you more self-sufficient to keep you prepared in the case of an ‘absentee buddy’.
  1. Most dive accidents are the direct result of diver error. Through analysing case studies of dive accidents around the world, a disturbing trend was found: the vast majority of diving accidents could be traced back to something the diver did or didn’t do. Training in the correct reactions to emergencies prepares you for the unexpected.
  1. It’s one of the most fun courses to do (and teach!). Between panicked diver simulations and emergency scenarios, the SSI Stress and Rescue course combines important skills and knowledge with a fun environment (while a panicking diver is definitely not fun, someone pretending to be a panicking diver tends to be hilarious).

At Manta Lodge and Scuba Centre we pride ourselves on delivering dive training that exceeds industry standards. The SSI Stress and Rescue course provides the knowledge and skills to be able to keep you safe and assist others while scuba diving. With realistic Stress and Rescue scenarios gathered from real world experiences, you can guarantee you will finish the course a much safer diver, so you can focus on the fun of scuba diving.