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Queenslands' only rEvo rebreather training centre

With more testing and more redundancy built into the unit than any other rebreather on the market, the rEvo III Closed Circuit Rebreather is truly a rEvolutionary Rebreather. With a wide range of choice on size and electronics configuration, you can be sure you have the perfect rebreather for your diving needs and local diving environments.  Manta Lodge is Qld's home of rebreather diving with sales, service, consumables and training available.

  • Dual scrubber and RMS system

    • The rEvo rebreather dual scrubber system means that the rEvo uses far less CO2 absorbent than other rebreathers.  Combined with the rEvolutionary RMS system that provides and accurate assessment of scrubber usage making it the most efficient scrubber system on the market.
  • Choice of electronics

    • Choose the right configuration of electronics to suit your diving needs.  eCCR, mCCR or hCCR with Shearwater Petrel3,  Shearwater NERD2, rEvodreams or a combination of all 3.  Completely redundant PO2 monitoring ensuring critical unbiased information is available to keep you diving safe.
  • Lightweight and low profile

    • Available in  3 sizes (standard/mini/micro) ensuring the best fitting rebreather and a choice of either steel or titanium construction.  Protected back-mounted counterlungs for ideal work of breathing in a low profile package at home in open water or the most demanding cave/wreck locations on the planet.
  • Hire units available at Manta Lodge

    • Get in touch to try rebreather diving on one of our hire units or complete your SSI rebreather training with Australias' only SSI rEvo instructor.