Dive Conditions

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Dive Conditions

Sunday 21st January

Status: Diving
Dive site Flat rock/Manta Bommie
Swell: <1m E
Wind Speed: 5-10kn N
Surface Conditions Score: 9/10
Land weather: Sunny
Availability: Sold out
Visibility: 20m+

Monday 22nd January

Status: Diving
Dive site: Flat rock
Swell: <1mE
Wind Speed: 10-15kn NE
Surface Conditions Score: 7/10
Land weather: Sunny
Availability: YES!
Visibility: 20m+

Tuesday 23rd January

Status: Diving cancelled
Dive site: N/A
Wind Speed: 20-25kn SE
Surface Conditions Score: 2/10
Land weather: Showers
Availability: N/A
Visibility: N/A

Next update: Friday 26th January

Water Current Speed and Direction

Sea Surface Temperature

Dive Conditions / Surface Condition Rating

Score: Condition:
10 No wind, no swell
9 No wind, small swell
8 Light winds, small swell
7 Light winds, moderate swell
6 Light winds, large swell
5 Moderate winds, small swell
4 Moderate winds and swell
3 Strong winds/small swell
2 Strong winds/swell
1 Big swell/Strong winds

Visibility Rating

Visibility Visibility Rating
25m+ Amazing vis – common in the winter months
17 – 24m Great vis – common in winter
12 – 16m Average visibility at Stradbroke island
5 – 11m Average vis in summer
Less than 5m Poor visibility

Average Water Temperature

Temperature Month
25 – 26 C January
25 – 26 C February
25 – 26 C March
24 – 25 C April
23 – 24 C May
21 – 22 C June
19 – 20 C July
19 – 20 C August
20 – 21 C September
21 – 22 C October
21 – 23 C November
23 – 24 C December