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Soft Corals

The Bowl - Flat Rock

Flat rock is located approximately 2.5 nautical miles north of point lookout. It is a fully protected marine park, with a no-fishing zone within 1.2km radius of the reef. Flat Rock itself is actually divided into 4 distinct and individual dive sites – The Nursery, Shark Alley, The Bowl and The Turtle Caves.

The bowl-shaped rock formation (hence the name) on the south-eastern corner of the Flat Rock reef is a great dive site for both beginners and experienced divers. This site regularly offers divers the opportunity to witness an array of larger marine life, as well as numerous micro-species on the same dive. Current is usually minimal, however it can be quite strong. This site also usually has beautifully clear water, averaging around 15metres visibility.

The bowl itself contains numerous micro-creatures and coral and reef formations to keep divers occupied, combined with the added attraction outside the bowl of a wall dropping down to 34metres. Outside the bowl divers often witness large cod and groupers, turtles, wobbegong, leopard, white-tip and grey nurse sharks, and schools of small, medium and large rays.

Flat Rock Dive Sites

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