We are now offering a Thursday Double Dive Trip for $115.00 including tanks & weights!! This will be available throughout the whole of September 2016!

We have a choice of 12 varying dive sites, all with their own individual experiences. This wide array of choice allows us to tailor your dive trip according to your experience levels, as well as which particular site has the best conditions on the day of your trip.

The offer is valid on Thursdays throughout September 2016 only. We require a minimum of four certified scuba divers so please call to confirm.

Our morning dive trips meet at the dive centre at 6.45am for a 7.30am departure and the afternoon diving trips meet at $11.45am for a 12.30pm departure. Both trips include 2 dives and takes around 3.5 hours.

Booking is easy by calling reception on 0734098888 or email us on info@mantalodge.com.au for further information!!