Manta Lodge and Scuba Centre : Stradbroke Island

Grey Nurse Shark

The Nursery - Flat Rock

Flat rock is located approximately 2.5 nautical miles north of point lookout. It is a fully protected marine park, with a no-fishing zone within 1.2km radius of the reef. Flat Rock itself is actually divided into 4 distinct and individual dive sites – The Nursery, Shark Alley, The Bowl and The Turtle Caves.

The Nursery is an amazing dive site located on the south-western corner of the reef at Flat Rock. It is the shallowest of Flat Rock’s dive sites and the focus here is on smaller creatures, rather than the big fish and rays that inhabit it’s neighbouring sites. Brilliant colours and formations make this dive site feel alive with all the smallest creatures of the ocean, hence the name the Nursery.

There is often a small amount of current on this site, however it is used as part of the dive and very rarely does a diver have to swim against it, making it a perfect place for beginner divers.

Local residents here include nudibranchs and all manner of micro-creatures, turtles, wobbegong sharks, leopard sharks (nov-apr), eagle rays, barracuda and other large pelagics, octopus, eels, hard and soft corals, and hundreds of tropical fish varieties.

Flat Rock Dive Sites

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