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Grey Nurse Shark

Shark Alley - Flat Rock

Flat rock is located approximately 2.5 nautical miles north of point lookout. It is a fully protected marine park, with a no-fishing zone within 1.2km radius of the reef. Flat Rock itself is actually divided into 4 distinct and individual dive sites – The Nursery, Shark Alley, The Bowl and The Turtle Caves.

The alley is located on the eastern edge of the Flat Rock reef and is one of our most favoured dive sites due to the endangered Grey Nurse shark population that inhabit this site from June – October. The dive site consists of two large sand bottom channels running parallel to each other, separated by rocky reef and some adjoining channels.

There is only approximately 500 Grey Nurse remaining on the east coast of Australia, and Flat Rock is one of the premier sites to witness these majestic creatures in their natural habitat.

Other attractions of this site include schools of rays (sometimes in the hundreds), large turtles, wobbegongs, pelagics, groupers, crayfish and crustaceans, plus hundreds of tropical fish varieties.

Flat Rock Dive Sites

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