Manta Lodge and Scuba Centre : Stradbroke Island


Amity Point

Amity is a shore dive located off the North-Western corner of Stradbroke Island. It is within the bounds of Moreton Bay, as opposed to all of our other dive sites which are all exposed to the ocean. Because of this it is always calmer at Amity because it isn’t exposed to ocean swells, making it a great spot for training dives. It is also a good drift dive location, as when the tide is coming either in or out the current at Amity is quite strong.

There are numerous man-made wrecks at Amity such as car bodies and tractor tyres that have become small reefs home to many tropical fish species, as well as the bottom of the jetty which has an abundance of fish life surrounding it.

Local residents here include wobbegong sharks, small rays, dolphins, stonefish, pelagics and parrotfish, crayfish and crustaceans plus many tropical fish varieties.